Business Innovation Through Algorithms

CGnal is a company focused on extracting insightful and reliable information through the development of machine learning algorithms within Big Data solutions that arise from business objectives. Information Quality is at the heart of CGnal.

CGnal offers its full-stack competences to customers who want to step towards innovation

Our end-to-end skills enable customers to imagine new services and opportunities. We can design and implement these to provide a turnkey solution.



CGnal offers data architecture and software engineering services to provide high quality turnkey solutions based on innovative open-source technologies such as Hadoop, Spark and Scala to handle, store and process data in an extremely efficient way . We assist in all the implementation stages, from infrastructure and architecture definition to software development and integration with existing systems.



We understand the importance of ensuring that the data of a company meets precise standards, business rules, definitions and integrity constraints. Together with its partners, CGnal can assist in setting up the processes required to consistently add value to data and information.



The data a company saves combined with open-data embeds hidden value that can help in taking decisions, focusing investments or providing new services. CGnal’s data science team through advanced analytics and machine learning can help any organization open new frontiers and gain competitive advantage from their data.



Data Visualization provides the ability to comprehend and extract meaning from huge amounts of data, by transforming raw information into something that people can reason with for optimal decision making. Our visualizations are purpose-built tools for the discovery of emergent properties and the formulation of new data-based insights.

We bring new business ideas

Let us open your mind to the new game-changing innovative solutions you can provide to your business. No need for you to be an expert in any technology or machine learning algorithm, we will bring what you can’t even imagine now, right to your eyes, with stunning visualizations.

We listen and turn your ideas into reality

What could your company achieve and where would your company be, if it could leverage the skills of a highly competent Data Science, Data Architect and Data Visualization team? CGnal is able to implement fast prototypes to answer exactly that question.


Together with our customers and our business and domain experts we have developed several solutions for different industries such as Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication and Retail. These come as a service or on premises, in the cloud or in your data center.

Telematics for Insurance

Collecting real-time telematics and customer data and building services for the end user while increasing customer insights has never been so affordable and easy thanks to new Big Data technologies and our engineering and data analysis skills.

We can help your company collect thousands of events per second, store them in Hadoop and provide real-time customer-oriented services (smart theft and crash detection, for example) and batch evaluation on customer risk profiles without using expensive data warehouses, big databases or unaffordable infrastructure.

Topics-Entity Analysis and Prediction

Unstructured data coming from your own data sources can be combined with social networks and other external sources to analyse either specific or trending topics to find correlated entities, to observe patterns and to make predictions. Such a solution creates opportunities to predict, for example, new successful business and investment opportunities with a crucial timing advantage.

Our solution is able to collect flows of documents (billions of tweets, news, websites, pdf) and analyse this unstructured information creating smart correlations between them.

Merchant Analytics

CGnal can help your Financial (Credit or Banking) company generate value from millions of real-time transactions by providing extremely powerful and interactive reports on the merchants in your network by analysing and comparing performance of similar and competitor shops, up to the single client receipt.

The incredible power of Hadoop and Spark, combined with optimized machine learning algorithms we can craft for you, will open unimaginable opportunities for you and your customers.

Customer Insight

No matter how your company interacts with your customers, your success depends on their satisfaction and your relationship with them. With this in mind, we can provide you with a solution that collects insights into your customer interactions (via a mobile application, web portal, social networks or any CRM system). This behavioural data is used to understand which channels and products are more effective and which must be improved.

We are experts in analytics and machine learning algorithms that can highlight flaws promptly and propose effective alternatives.